Beaver Builder is one of the most popular and powerful page builder plugin. Most of WordPress website owners are satisfied with the features of the page builder. If you have a plan to use a page builder to develop your websites and you still get confused about it, just check the detail about Beaver Builder plugin here first.

About Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder page builder was launched for the first time in May 2017. Since then, this page builder becomes the strongest page builder service than the competitors. The best part of using this page builder service is on its complete and revolutionary features. Those features are valuable for the WordPress website owners to develop their websites.

Beaver Builder Features

There are several valuable features you can use while using Beaver Builder page builder plugin. By using those features, you are able to do a lot of things to develop your websites.

Drag and Drop Interface

The basic thing you can do with the feature is that you are able to arrange text and image on the web page just like what you want. Interestingly, you don’t need to learn any complicated instructions or codes. Just drag and drop the text or image you want to post on the page and that’s it!

How about if you don’t anything about HTML and CSS? Does it a problem for you while using this page builder? Absolutely not at all! You are supported by complete features to use the builder easily and fast. You don’t need to manage the HTML or the CSS at all.

Ready Templates and Child Theme Preset

Customizing a web page on a website is the most interesting activity to do before posting it. This page builder gives you a chance to do it more than any other builders can do. Let say, you are able to edit post and pages easily. Then, you can design the web page with your favorite layout. Beaver Builder provides you with over 30-page templates and they are ready to use. Later, you can use it for a landing page or content pages.

Beaver Builder also provides child theme presets that you can choose easily through the customizer. There are a lot of variety of styles in the preset feature.


Beaver Builder is designed to be a compatible WordPress page builder plugin. This is the reason why this service is compatible with most of the WordPress themes. The features help you to create a layout just like what you want according to your niche. On the other hand, you have to make sure to have a WordPress theme built in if you want to create custom headers and footers. To make it easier, use the Beaver Builder Theme and everything will be under control. Later, you can really publish an interesting and attracting website to your lovely visitors.

Mobile and SEO Friendly

This is the time where people love to use a mobile phone to surf the Internet. To follow this need, the page builder also has a specific feature which helps to make your website comfortably in mobile viewing. If SEO matters, it is also a great page builder service to use.

Even today, there are still under development features and ready to use soon to improve not only the performance of the page builder service but also the performance and appearance of your WordPress websites.

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A Lot of Modules

Because it is offered in a drag and drop system, the step to use the page builder service is very easy. The first thing to do is drag and drop the modules into the website layout before customizing them on the module controls. In this case, you are able to include the call to action buttons, content sliders, maps, post carousels, testimonials, and many others on the website pages or posts. This is including changing the color of the background. Then, you can also include the widgets into the layouts such as calendar, categories, custom menu, meta, pages, and RSS. It doesn’t matter if the widgets are coming from the third-party plugins. Every detail of the page or post can be customized and it gives you a chance to create a unique page before publishing it to the visitors.


Most users said that Beaver Builder is an expensive service. Does it true? Let’s check the detail to know what you get after spending the money. Beaver Builder theme page builder offers three different packages which are the agency, pro, and standard. Agency is the most expensive in which it costs $399. By spending the amount of money, you get all facilities offered by the service. Those are including unlimited sites, page builder plugin, professional support for 1 year, premium modules and templates, theme, multisite network settings, and white labeling.

You may also take the pro package in which you have to spend $199. This package covers most of the facilities given except the white labeling facility. If you want to try the performance of the builder, you may go with the standard package for $99. You will get unlimited sites, page builder plugin, professional support for a year, and premium modules and templates.

Based on the explanation above, the best part of using this service is that you can still use it for any WordPress website you have without considering the package you choose. All of the packages are offering the service for unlimited websites. The point is that you get the primary services and facilities no matter package you choose.

Steps to Use Beaver Builder to Create an Outstanding Web Page

The first thing to do is picking one of the available page templates. Then, go to the wp-admin and open the post or page you want to edit. You can also create a new page. Now, go to the editor and change it to “page builder”.

For those who want to use the website for marketing or sales promotion, it is better to use start to use the builder from the landing page. By following the step, you will have a nice and eye-catching landing page to increase the visitors of your websites. The good news is that this page builder provides you with any kind of templates such as business, apps, fitness, online magazine, classic blogs, photography, restaurant, agencies, law firm, and many others.

Steps to Use Beaver Builder

It is also easy to use the Beaver Builder plugin. You just need to follow several steps and you will have a great layout on your beloved websites. The thing you have to do first is choosing the overall designs or default. Now, click the general setting panel and go to the layout setting. This is the place where you can choose the layout as well as the background including the color, image, headings typography, and body text typography.


The main problem of Beaver Builder service is the expensive price. But you also need to understand several important things before saying it. Let say, you need to make sure that you need to use this service. This builder service is designed for those who want to have a good looking website including the design and the content. This is also a valuable service for those who run an online business. You can also use the features easily. Just drag and drop the features you want to use and you can have a web page just like what you want.

Does Beaver Builder service is the best one? Actually, it depends on your needs. If you need a page builder with a complete feature along with great result, Beaver Builder is the answer. The point is that Beaver Builder is a recommended and worth it to use. It even works with any WordPress themes.