The Synergy project - (Coming soon!)


We recently changed the name of this project. From now on it is "The Synergy Project" in place of "The Gorilla Project". We are currently working on a new logo. Allow us a few days to change it.

"A premium theme refers to themes that have more quality in terms of design, or maybe layouts (magazine, grid, showcase, etc) that differs them from the majority free themes. It's also fair to label them as themes that allows you to do more customization, or even displays content in a different formats" - Hongkiat

What is the Synergy Project

The Synergy Project is an opensource project created by Jeremie and Chris to overcome common issues encountered by a single Wordpress theme designer. Our goal is to build a large community of Wordpress designers and developers to:

(Read more about it here.)

"How can I contribute?"

Join our Google Group and read what we are up to. Whatever skills you have, we will find a way to get you involved in this project.

We have created 5 teams so far:

Read more and join us!

Contact Us

If you have any question, you can contact us via email: